Awesome Camera Straps

I’m on the hunt for a new camera strap…there are so many out there to choose from, so I thought I’d give a run down of the best ones that I found. Please keep in mind that I haven’t bought these, but they stuck out in my head! Please enjoy the following list:

High Key: These straps look like so much fun! I know it’s odd to say that a camera strap looks fun, but the designs are different and show some personality. You can also design your own straps; put your logo on it or some pictures on it…really anything you want! If I get one, I think I’d get the London one…super cool. They aren’t outrageously priced either, coming in between $30 – $35. You can buy them here.

The Black Rapid RS-7 Curve: To me, this strap screams comfort. It looks like it is made to perfectly fit your shoulder…not your neck. I really do like the idea of a camera strap that goes around your shoulder/body instead of your neck. It’s growing on me… you can find this strap here, and it costs $58.95.

The Seat Belt Strap: My next stop was one of my favorite camera accessory stores…Photo JoJo! I found a few gems here, but am not so sure about this one. It is super cute and absolutely unique, but I’m reluctant to think that it would feel amazing around your neck the way the other ones might. I could be totally wrong, but looking at it, it doesn’t look too comfy. This one is only $20…almost seems like a steal! You can find it here.

The Split Strap: This strap looks ultra comfortable. It’s split into 2, so when you put it on your shoulder (again, really liking this shoulder thing) it appears to divvy up the weight so that it’s not concentrated in one area on your shoulder…Also looks cushy…which is always a plus! This is around the middle money marker at $39.99. You can buy it here.

The Handy Dandy Hand Strap: This one is completely different…it’s a hand strap. This is for someone who always wants to be totally ready, with camera in hand. Only one swift movement up to your eye and you’ll be taking pics in a flash! While I don’t think this one is for me, it’s a neat concept. I prefer something that will leave my hands free…so I can eat ice cream, or whatever else I might need to do while on the move! Also right in the middle at $40. Can be bought here.

Sun Sniper Pro: Could be totally wrong, but this one reminds me of the black rapid…Looks like it’s well padded, and it says it has stainless steel ball bearings, which is never a bad thing! Doesn’t look like you can buy it from their website, which I find odd, but it looks like stores like Amazon and Adorama carry it. It’s a little more expensive, but might be worth it in the end, it’s $80.99. More product info here.

OP/TECH: Ok, Op/Tech carries A LOT of straps…it was hard to pick just one to put on here, but I’m going with the Reporter Strap. This strap allows you to have 2 cameras around your neck at once…could come in handy if you shoot weddings, or like to have 2 different lens choices without having to take the time to stop and change them.  This particular one is an affordable $24.95. If you want to see the rest they have to offer, go here.

Alrighty…I think my list is long enough. Let me know if you have any experience with any of these straps! I’m finding it hard to pick comfort over look, but I know I probably should. -Abby

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