Central State Hospital

Yesterday I went on a tour with my sisters of the Indiana Medical History Museum at the Old Central State Hospital. The Central State Hospital used to study the mind and tried to find ways to fix mental disabilities. Unfortunately, there came a time when they weren’t really finding new areas, had less patients that needed to be treated long term and the had to shut their doors. The Central State Hospital closed in 1994.

The tour was very interesting to see how medical things were done back in the day, and how much we have moved forward in developments and technology.

After the tour we went on our own to check out a few of the other buildings left standing. Many of the buildings have been demolished and there is now construction on the land, and the Metro Police keep their motor cars there.

To be honest, it was a little creepy, but very cool! Enjoy some of the photos from our day yesterday!

If you want to visit, here is a link to the museum – I highly recommend it!


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