Exposed – Jasmine Star Book Review

FACT: Jasmine Star is a photographer I look up to and adore. This is a fact that I came to terms with the day that I found her site. She is such a great photographer, artist and person…she puts herself out there and it doesn’t stop with clients – she helps out other photographer’s too. And guess what? It makes her happy to do so! She recently released a magazine-type-book and I decided I MUST have it! It’s called “Exposed” and has a wealth of information in it.

Not only does she talk about trials that she’s gone through starting out in photography (her low points that most didn’t know about), she talks about her current successes and helps readers understand that even if you feel out of place in the photography world, there IS ABSOLUTELY a place for you in it…you just have to make it. Once you make your own way, some people will love you, some people won’t…such is life (But I think it’s safe to say most people love Jasmine Star!).

She also breaks down her wedding photography, how she likes to shoot sessions, and just the ins-and-outs of where she got to where she is. I’ve already put some of her ideas into practice and am coming out winning!  I decided to start this blog after reading her book and put myself out there – so many positives so far, and all just because of a $23 book.

So I am recommending you head over to this site and buy her book as fast as you can! There’s really no point in putting it off…it’s affordable, and you’ll come out winning as soon as you read just 2 pages of her book!  -Abby

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