Fly with me – Venice, Cinque Terre, Pisa Italy

Back in late August/early September, my hubby and I traveled to Italy! It was pretty much a dream come true and a real payoff from busting our bums this year! While it wasn’t ALL perfect, we had the best time getting away, sipping wine (by the carafe), eating LOTS of gelato and savoring all the pastas and pizzas!  I’ll take you through our trip below, starting with Venice! All pictures were taken with Fuji X-T10 or cell phone.

2015-11-23_0001We started our trip in Venice and were there for 2 days. We stayed at an Airbnb, so we got a little bit more of a local feel to our stay!  2015-11-23_0002We really loved how picturesque the city was!
2015-11-23_0003St. Mark’s Square is the most open place in the whole city (at least as far as I can tell!)2015-11-23_0004Unfortunately, St. Mark’s Square is also where I got all my stuff stolen. While it was definitely some my fault, I was not in possession of my stuff (nor was my hubs) when it was stolen. We were having our pictures taken and the photographer was supposed to be holding onto it when it was taken (she set it down on the ground and someone swiped it). So just be EXTRA mindful when you travel. A few little tips – leave one of your credit or debit cards and your drivers license hidden away in your bag or hotel room somewhere, so if someone takes your stuff, it’s not ALL gone. Also, if you travel with your husband, don’t both take the same card, because if all your stuff is stolen and you have to cancel your credit cards, it is definitely not helpful to have to cancel one that your husband has left, leaving you with only 1 card option to use, and lastly, send yourself a picture of your passport in your email so you can access it anywhere. At the Consulate I was able to pull it up on Chris’ phone (mine was stolen) and show it to the guards who let people in. It was literally all I had left my identification on it.2015-11-23_0005

Not to worry, we were able to get a temporary passport from the Consulate in Florence a few days later. We were very lucky that it got stolen at the beginning of the trip so we had enough time left in our trip to get it replaced! Just a little time and money we weren’t expecting, but hey – now I know how to get a passport overseas! LOL – bright side, people!! 2015-11-23_0032If you ever travel to Venice, be sure to take the Vaporetto (water bus) rather than walking around – at least on your first day! We got so lost and could not find our way out of the winding streets that make just about no sense at all! We used the Vaporetto the second day and it was much easier!
2015-11-23_0007Note that I am not saying not to get lost in the streets of Venice… there is something to be said for wandering around aimlessly, drinking from the water fountains, stopping for a gelato and just taking it all in!2015-11-23_00082015-11-23_00092015-11-23_0010We decided to do a little something out of the norm while in Venice…we took a gondola rowing class with Row Venice! It was REALLY cool to get to row a gondola ourselves! It was also eye opening seeing how they really do use the water as a highway and our teacher was so knowledgable! Definitely a fun way to spend your morning! 2015-11-23_0030

Cinque Terre


We arrived at Manarola late in the evening (we stopped in Milan on the way to visit the embassy about my passport…who told us we were too late in the day for emergencies. Ha!), and stayed at the cutest little B&B! We got our own little apartment with the coolest little balcony.2015-11-23_0012

As you can see…we really partook in the delicious foods offered here…oh, and a nice shot of limoncello that our restaurant gave us after our meal! I have to say, I miss the cappuccino’s with breakfast. And breakfast meats and cheeses…and..and…all the foods there, really! 2015-11-23_0031I am so glad this was our second stop on our Italy tour- it was the PERFECT place to go after the chaos of having my stuff stolen! Sleepy little towns that are so picture perfect.
2015-11-23_0013One thing about Manarola? THE HILLS. Oh my gosh, the hills! It is SO STEEP there, whew! Thank goodness my hubs is happy as a clam pulling my luggage in addition to his own!2015-11-23_0014See those stairs below? That was the entrance to our little apartment for the stay!2015-11-23_00152015-11-23_00162015-11-23_00172015-11-23_00182015-11-23_0019One of the best parts of our time in Cinque Terre was being able to meet up with my friend Amanda, her girls, and her friend Rachel! A perk of one of your besties living in Germany for a few years 🙂  2015-11-23_0020We spent our day with them touring the 5 cities! 2015-11-23_0021All the hidden alleyways, each one of them cuter than the next! 2015-11-23_0022We loved all of the cities, but for some reason Corniglia stole all of our hearts a little bit more than the others. Maybe it was the 20 minute walk just to get to the city that made it appreciate it more, but we loved it there! 2015-11-23_0023The Cinque was quickly rising to the top of places I’d been and places I wanted to come back to! 2015-11-23_0024We got up super early to get some dark shots…2015-11-23_0025and then stuck around for the sunrise! 2015-11-23_00262015-11-23_00272015-11-23_0028Then we got on the train and headed towards Florence – but first, stopped off in Pisa for our tourist pictures! I have to say – Pisa was actually very cute and seemed like a very fashion forward town! 2015-11-23_0029

That’s all for the first installment of this blog post! Stay tuned for the rest of our Italian adventures in the weeks to come!  -Abby

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