How has it already been 5 years?

Today I’m sharing a blog post with you all from 3 years ago. The pictures are old, the formatting is old, but it still makes my heart warm. Somehow it’s already been 5 years since my grandpa passed away. I caught myself looking at a picture of he and I over the weekend – the one where my hair is curly and he’s wearing reindeer ears that I forced him to 🙂  I was thinking about how he loved to work in the garden all day, taught us how to ride scooters, the countless sleepovers we had at his house, listening to the train go by in the middle of the night, waking up to cinnamon toast in the mornings and the smell of coffee. Taking us to Burger King  (in his sweet ride that had VELVET car seats….I know, right??!!) as a special treat and making sure we all got a crown, playing cards and “mouse” with us, letting us pretend his magnolia tree was a house and his entire backyard a secret garden. This is what I thought about when I looked at that one picture for a few minutes- all the memories came back as if they had just happened yesterday and it always brings a smile to my face.

Grandpa – you are so missed and still so loved that the memory of you and missing you still brings me to tears. You will forever be in my heart -Abby


Who wouldn’t like a blog post that starts like this?!


I have been trying to write this blog for over a month now, but haven’t been able to exactly find the words that I want to say. I’m still not sure that I will be able to, but I am going to try.


About two years ago my grandpa passed away. He was just shy of 99 years old and (quite literally) the light of our lives. He had a great personality and while he might not have had the best short term memory towards the end, he could still tell better stories (about how his family had 2 horses they used to get around before cars were around, about where he went during his service as an army man and his many travels well into his 90s, etc.) than any one of us. He always knew who we were (not everyone can say that as their grandparents get older) and lit up almost as much as we did when we visited with him.  He was more ornery than I ever thought one person could be and would still flirt with women and make them blush up to his last days!


We always tried to take pictures with him or of him, which of course he hated and would often make what we called “Popey faces”, but I found that if you tickled his knee juuuuussst right that you could get a real smile out of him! We had talked about getting professional pictures done, but by that time he was already in a wheel chair and we weren’t sure how it would work at an  assisted living place. What I would give to have professional pictures of him and him with us…him in his element, his home that he built 60 some years ago, his home where he loved to garden and loved to sit in his front window to read and watch people. His home where we would go for sleepovers when we were little and he would make us jello desserts that we thought were so amazing (We’re not just talking jello, people – we’re talking masterpieces – similar to this)! To have professional pictures done where all these memories were made together with him and my long deceased grandma is something I can only dream about. I wish we would have thought to do pictures before he was in assisted living so that we could have some amazing photos. Heck, I kick myself for not taking up photography sooner so could have gotten him in his element!  Sure I can wear his old sweat pants or drink from his old coffee mug, but nothing captures his soul and who he was as good as the pictures we have!


I am not trying to guilt you into hiring me for pictures…I am just trying to tell you that sometimes even though you may think you have ample time (and somehow we still thought that, even though he was so old, he seemed invincible) , you never know what can happen or when. You don’t want to wait until you’re to the point of “Man, I wish we wouldn’t of waited to do pictures”, like we were.  Of course I LOVE the pictures I have of him, but I wish I had more. I wish that someone in our family didn’t always have to be out of the picture to get it.


So, go ahead,  get out there and take pictures! Do them yourself, hire someone to do them, but whatever you do, be sure to take lots of them! Because even though I may be a little misty-eyed just thinking about how much I miss my gramps (Ok, fine, you caught me…I’m flat out crying), looking at these pictures reminds me of so many wonderful things about him and all the great times we were lucky enough to share together! -Abby

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  • Lana House

    Abby sweetheart, your blog is beautiful. Your words are perfect tears are running down my cheeks The pictures you have really tell the story he truly loved all of you and you he. Those other pictures you didn’t miss they are a treasure in your memory. This was truly beautiful. I thank you for sharing it with me. He was truly an amazing man. An honor to know him. Hugs LanaReplyCancel

    • abbyhackerphotography

      Thank you, Lana – that means a lot to me! 😀ReplyCancel

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