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I get asked this question frequently about what to wear to a photo session, so I thought I would elaborate on that and give my clients something to reference!  If you want to see some outfit ideas, you can visit my pinterest board that I’ve made specifically for inspiration!

1. Pick out something that you are comfortable in. If you wear dresses all the time – put on a dress! If you’re more of a jeans kind of gal, wear jeans! There is nothing more uncomfortable than wearing something that you don’t feel yourself in and TRUST ME, it will come across in the pictures if you aren’t being yourself!

Indianapolis Photographer

This would be good for a family of 4 – coordinated but not TOO much!

2. If you have more than 1 person going to be in pictures for your shoot, pick about 3-4 colors to base your outfits around!  It doesn’t need to be matchy-matchy to look good! Being coordinated looks much better than matchy!  You can even go with a theme type of session like pastels if you want!

3. Don’t wear a shirt that has a really busy pattern on it. Trust me. You just don’t want that!

Indianapolis Photographer

Family of 4 festive shoot

4. Try not to wear sleeveless. There are some cases (like a cute dress) in which this is ok, but I would say the majority look better with even a cap sleeve!

5. Layer. Layers are almost always cute, and if you do decide to wear sleeveless, it can give you variety. Bring a cardigan to the session if you aren’t sure and we can play around with different looks.
Indianapolis Photographer

This would be really cute for an engagement session, with outfit change!

6. If you choose a longer session with me and want to change outfits part way through, I recommend 1 outfit being dressier and 1 outfit being more laid back so we can get different feelings from the pictures! Heck, you can even change your hair if you want!

Basically, you want everyone’s personality to come across in the pictures without having to all wear the same color shirt and pants. You also don’t want to look like 1 person stepped out of the 70’s, 1 person just came from a pageant and 1 person just came from the beach!

Indianapolis Photographer

This would be super cute for a summer shoot 

I hope these tips help and for anyone who hires me for a session I will be in contact with you every step of the way, you can even send me pictures of outfits you are thinking about wearing! My goal is to help you feel confident before even coming to the shoot! -Abby


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