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Indianapolis Makeup and HairHair and Makeup is such an important part of your wedding day – it helps to complete your look, and will be in pictures for years (and generations) to come! It can make you look timeless and classic, or it can date you pretty badly (hello 80’s hair and perms!) So I’ve asked the expert – Leslie White aka Leslie Hair and Makeup to give us the lowdown on what you need to know about hair and makeup for your wedding day!

Tell me a little bit about yourself and how you got into hair and make up:

When I was a kid I loved being the weirdo that wore 5 ponytails on my head, i loved the reaction I got from onlookers with something as simple as hair, it was fun. By 5th grade I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist or a elementary school teacher. When I found out teachers didn’t get a summer vacation like I thought, I fixated on the idea of doing hair. Funny how my child mind molded what I am now. I didnt really start doing makeup professionally until I moved to Indy 6 years ago. I was licensed and I liked playing with makeup but I didnt know how to break into the makeup world. One day one of my regular clients at the salon asked if I knew any makeup artists in southern Indiana for her wedding. Knowing she is a very natural makeup gal i chuckled and told her good luck because there were no natural makeup artists at the time in the area. She asked if I was willing to do it. I think I charged her maybe $30 to do her makeup. After that her sister in law got married and her sister in law got married. They all used the same photographer as well as myself. A friendship started as well as a word of mouth spread. My first year I did maybe 10 weddings with makeup, now I am at over 70. All from word of mouth. I guess I just fell into where I was suppose to be in this industry. 

What is the most important thing a bride needs to know when considering how they should do their makeup/hair for their big day? 

Stay true to yourself. Most brides get wrapped up in making everyone else happy and factoring in their mothers, friends, fiances opinions. That often leads to a frustrated bride and multiple trials. Ultimately do what you want. All eyes are on you, you have to be happy with your appearance. 


Indianapolis Makeup and Hair

What is something most brides don’t think about when thinking about their wedding hair/makeup?

Weather!!! I’m amazed how many brides don’t factor in the humidity when it comes to their hair and makeup. A realistic bride is my friend. If your hair doesnt normally hold a curl and your face gets naturally oily, that has to be a factor in how much makeup, type of makeup as well as the hair style.


When a bride is deciding between hair up or hair down, what are some things you can tell them to make their decision easier?

This question can be bunched with the last question, weather is a thing to consider. Also if you are used to wearing your hair up or down, you should probably look for styles with in that look.  


Indianapolis Makeup and Hair

What advice would you give to someone who is planning on doing their own (or having a friend do it) makeup/hair for their wedding day? 

How much do you trust them? Weddings can get expensive and I understand the need to cut some corners. Do a few trials with them, wear the look around all day. Get sweaty, dance around. Does it hold up? Can the friend duplicate the look again? If so, bravo! If not then immediately cut out dads old high school friend from the guest list and use that money for a pro. 


Some people want to skip their trial to save some money – is it really important to have the trial?

Trials are insurance to make sure you get what you want as well as to ensure you get as much done in the short period of time that is needed for day of prep. Most pros offer a package that includes a trial at a cheaper cost when you book with them. 



What are some makeup/hair trends you think will be big for 2016? 

I’m ready for the classic looks to come back. Matte makeup with “Strobing” will be a thing in 2016. Chignons and high ponytails with some curls. Very Audrey Hepburn simple, clean, understated.


What should people be looking for when choosing a makeup/hair stylist?

Reviews, and referrals. Do they have a website? Images from previous brides? How did they rate the business? Reviews are very honest. 



What are some fun things brides can incorporate in their hair to make a statement?

Family broaches can be turned into hair clips. Sentimental and a “something old”.


Anything else you think brides should know?

Wedding professionals are very well rounded and are much more talented than what is on the surface. I have often made hairpieces on my own time for a bride to have something unique. There is a lot more behind the scene work then one knows. Pick the vendors brain. Its their job to give input!  

And that’s a wrap on our hair and makeup interview! Leslie – thank you so much for the insights! Brides, be sure to check out her work here and then come back next week for our next Vendor Series post featuring a wonderful Indianapolis Videographer!

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