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This week’s Wedding Vendor feature comes in the form of 2 amazing human beings, who will give you some wonderful memories from your wedding day. I should know – they provided one of my favorite things from MY wedding day! If you want to know what I’m talking about, you should take a look at my wedding video that Two Are Better did for us before you get started on the interview below!

Thinking about having a videographer at your wedding? This is a great read on this new-ish medium of remembering your wedding day!

Tell me a little bit about yourselves and how you became videographers :

It began when we were both separately taking photos for a year or two. We then thought it made sense for us to team up, as we were getting married, and create a business together. Thus, Two Are Better was born!

We focused in on the wedding industry and starting photographing weddings in 2011. We tried for a while to do both photography & videography, all the while slowly realizing we both actually really liked videography a lot more. In our eyes, there was a very underserved market in which we could exist.

Thus, we jumped feet first into becoming wedding videographers by no longer booking ourselves as photographers in 2013. 2014 was our first full year of only creating wedding films and we loved it! We’ve come a long way since then and we’re still learning a ton every day. 🙂

What is the most important thing for a couple to know when looking for and choosing a videographer?

We’ve been on both sides of the table, once as a bride and groom and many times as videographers. From our perspective there are a few key things.

#1 – It might seem obvious, but you both need to be able to see yourselves in that videographers work. If you can imagine a video of your wedding day, then you really do love that videographers style.

Do you get misty eyed or feel any emotions watching their work? If yes that means you should reach out to them and plan to meet.

#2 – We appreciate being able to meet with potential couples & families, this lets both of us (the videographer(s) and the couple) get a feel for each other. You already know you love their work, now see how everyone gels and relates to each other. Can you trust this videographer with your wedding film? It’s a good time to ask all the questions you might have, build rapport, and more.

If their videos make you feel anything, put them on your list of potential videographers. Then meet with them and get a feel for them and their business. Know you can trust them to create a beautiful family heirloom and get along with them as people.

A lot of people think that video is something they don’t need. Tell all the brides reading this the case for spending the money on a videographer and why it’s important! 

We’re quite biased if you weren’t aware, but wedding photography & videography go hand in hand. You can’t and shouldn’t have one without the other. Photos are wonderful mementos to display on your wall, put on a Christmas card, flip through in an album, etc. They capture a beautiful moment in time. Videos capture moments in a different, but equally important, way. Being able to watch moving pictures and hear audio from your wedding is the closest you can get to re-living your day. You can watch your video on your anniversary or anytime you’re feeling nostalgic.

We think of having wedding photos and a wedding film as two priceless heirlooms that live through a family’s lineage. They are immediately and incredibly valuable to a couple and their current families, but try to imagine if/when you have children and grandchildren. We’re certain at some point, someone will ask you about your love story. Being able to relive that celebration at any time and passing those memories and values on is a great reason to be certain you have photographers & videographers at your wedding.

What is a common misconception about wedding videography that you’d like to set straight? 

You can’t match what we (all professionals) do by having your guests use their phones or GoPros. You (usually) can’t get the same value or product by relying on family members who’ve at some time dabbled in videography.

And like mentioned above, wedding photos and video go hand in hand. A lot of couples think photography is enough and end up regretting not having videographers. While your photographer is certainly amazing, they can’t replicate what moving pictures and audio do. Vice versa as well, videographers can’t replicate what photographers do either.

Wedding Jewelry
What is something the couple can do to make their wedding video unique? 

Just worry about being yourselves, really. Make your wedding day a reflection of you two. We are just flies on the wall documenting a momentous day in your lives together. Do what you want to do to showcase your love and it’ll be uniquely yours!

Selfishly, we love couples that write their own vows and anyone who gives a great toast. Two parts of the day that give us insight and some storylines for the couple. We can learn quite a bit from the audio of the day. What is said definitely helps make a video unique in the biggest way.

Double Exposure
If people are concerned about being awkward on video, what is some advice you’d give them? 

99% of the time you won’t even realize videographers are there filming. A wedding day is normally riding on the edge of chaos; you’ll be doing a ton of other things besides worrying about how you look on camera. Most couples say they hardly remember us being there (which is a good thing!)

Greentown Indiana Wedding
What would you say to a bride about hiring a professional vs. having a friend do the video?

While a friend can very well be a professional, the distinction between the two normally speaks for itself. For example would you trust a friend to deliver your child or a professional? Would you rather your friend change your brakes or a professional, etc… While bad wedding videography doesn’t put your health or safety at risk, we hope the idea is clear. 🙂

Turtle Park Waterway Wedding
What are some things that irk you on the wedding day that can easily be fixed/avoided? (ie – messy bridal suite, etc.)

While minor things like getting ready in tiny hotel rooms, messy rooms, etc. can make it hard for us to compose pretty shots, being unorganized and struggling to communicate with vendors ahead of time is our biggest irk. It makes it difficult for us to do our jobs well. We get one chance to make certain we’ve captured something and captured it well. If we don’t know who is giving toasts, or if there are any surprises in store, or even where you are getting ready at, etc… it makes our jobs hard and puts your memories in jeopardy. Before your wedding day, we won’t stop bothering you until we get the information we need – we apologize in advance, but you’ll appreciate it later. 😉

Community Life Center Indianapolis Wedding Pictures
Anything else brides should know about videography? 

I’ve rambled on enough I think. 😛

If your wedding day memories are valuable to you both, they’ll only appreciate in value as time goes on and families grow. Having beautiful videos and photos are two incredible ways to relive those memories. Be sure you celebrate your love and promises to each other first, then make certain it is all captured beautifully so you can relive those promises and feelings.

Thank you SO much to Ryan and Mindy! Be sure to check out Two Are Better at their website HERE and then come back next week to learn more about DJ’s!! -Abby

If you or anyone you know is engaged and interested in finding out more or booking me, please contact me here!


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