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Next up in our Vendor Series, I am featuring the extremely talented florist – Wild Heart Blooms! Amanda Glow is the mastermind behind the beautiful arrangements I used for my brand video! She has an amazing vision and can basically make your wildest dreams (in florals) come true!

Read below for her insights on all things flowers and weddings!


Tell me a little bit about your background and how you got your start in flowers: 

I have always loved flowers but I never thought to make a career out of it. My grandmother always had a great garden. I remember her gorgeous pink hydrangeas and sweet berries. She would dig up her overgrowth, such as her buttercups and my dad and I would plant them on our property. Call it blessed or luck, I fell into the industry where I became an assistant to the owner of a high end flower and décor company in Chicago. I was a small quiet part of these fabulous beautiful weddings and events they produced. I will always be grateful to my fierce female boss who was a trailblazer for me before I even knew it. Also for the people there that welcomed me so kindly into the flower community for the first time. I then moved to Indianapolis and worked for a smaller company (in comparison) where I learned the whole picture. The women that I worked with are some of the hardest workers I know and their attention to detail still inspires me.

Indianapolis Wedding Flowers

What are some elements people can use to make their bouquet arrangements unique?

I love using unassuming elements that give arrangements more texture or movement. One of my favorite elements this year was this creeping vine in the ally behind our house. It has these rich navy blue berries and the leave turned a beautiful red in the fall.

Indianapolis Wedding Florist What are some trends you think we’ll see in 2016? 

I have recently seen a pattern of the color palette blush, ivory and burgundy. It is going to be really lovely!

Indianapolis Florist
What are some way people can use flowers and greenery to enhance their 
overall décor at their reception/ceremony?

Think of the whole space. Most weddings have bouquets and table arrangements, but think broader. We had a wedding this past season where we hung hops vines from the balcony to create a secret garden feel. Another one, we had all these hanging arrangements above the tables. In a upcoming wedding, we are adding foliage and blooms to the windowsills.

Indianapolis Wedding Florist

Tell me some important things that people need to know when selecting a florist for their wedding?

Choose a florist that already has the style that you are looking for. I know that we will be a good fit for a couple when they say they love our work. You should trust in their designs and visions and be confident they will compliment you as a couple as well. Then let them be creative and run with it!

Wild Heart Blooms Indianapolis

What is a common misconception when brides come to you?

Budget. Not many people have purchased this amount of flowers for an event before. It is amazing how quickly items add up.

Wild Heart Blooms Indianapolis
Do you have any good advice for someone on a budget, trying to minimize costs? 

Think of what elements are really important to you and make those great. Don’t just have a certain flower element just because tradition tells you to.

Indianapolis Florist

If a bride has absolutely no idea where to begin when it comes to flowers for her wedding, where do you recommend she begin? 

Pinterest can be so overwhelming! I always like to start off with talking about the overall feel of the wedding. There is so much inspiration in just that. Then bring in any inspiration the you are drawn to or gets you excited. It can be a favorite painting, a textile you both love, a vacation destination you always go to, grandmas garden, a favorite restaurant. Flowers are such a creative process so we can pull inspiration from anything. With inspiration from things like that, it ensures that it will be very custom to the couple.

Wild Heart Blooms Indianapolis

I’ve heard of people re-purposing their flowers after their wedding -do you have any fun things you’ve heard of people doing with their flowers after their wedding? 

I LOVE repurposing flowers! I would hope that some soul is enjoying the blooms right after the event whether it be at the brunch the next day or in your great aunt’s kitchen, but I’d like to go further than that…

The flower industry is quite a wasteful industry so I compost all my flower waste. It takes a bit more thought to keep everything separate but it’s important. I know there is a florist/flower farmer in NYC that picks up other florists flowers after events and will compost them. They grow the most beautiful flowers in upstate New York so everything comes full circle, quite magical if you ask me! Another company I’ve heard of in NYC- they pick up the flowers and use the colors from the petals to dye things and make art.

Indianapolis Wedding Flowers

Is there anything else you think people should know when doing flowers for their wedding?

Just something about flowers in general-

It is such a wonderful community! There are so many crazy talented florists that I am in awe of and look to for inspiration. Here in Indy, my fierce competition pushes me to be better and I celebrate their talent. Although they are competition, they are also community. I would be there in a moment if they needed help.

And I love this:

“People look at flowers as objects- as a decorating element, not a living thing. But sometimes the most beautiful thing is the most fleeting. The most fragrant, delicate rose – often those wilt in minutes. Flowers are about living in the moment, and then letting go.  -Sarah Ryhanen

Indianapolis Florist

Thank you so much, Amanda, for your invaluable insights on flowers!! Be sure to check out her amazingness on her website! 

Come back next week when we dive into desserts!! – Abby

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