Kentucky Farm Wedding // Lucas, Kentucky Wedding Photographer

This wedding was so much fun! Not only did Sara and I have a blast in the car on the ride down (4 hours each way!) but the whole wedding party was also so much fun to work with!  The Bride and Groom were so cute and in love it was hard to not look at them and immediately  smile with the way they were looking at eachother!

Married at sunset, on a farm, where minutes before deer had just run through is the way to do it! Beautiful speeches and fabulous dancing made the night fly by!

2014-11-03_00342014-11-03_00352014-11-03_00362014-11-03_00372014-11-03_00382014-11-03_00392014-11-03_00402014-11-03_00412014-11-03_00422014-11-03_00432014-11-03_00442014-11-03_00452014-11-03_00462014-11-03_00472014-11-03_00482014-11-03_00492014-11-03_00502014-11-03_00512014-11-03_00522014-11-03_00532014-11-03_00542014-11-03_00552014-11-03_00562014-11-03_00572014-11-03_0058Kentucky Farm Wedding

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Shot for Sara Ackermann Photographer

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