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It was the summer 1994 and I was in my childhood bedroom. I was really missing my grandmother who had passed away on St. Patrick’s Day earlier that year. So, I pulled out an old phone that no longer worked. I picked up the phone and pretended I was talking to God, whom I promptly asked to please put my grandma on the phone (haha – if I were really talking to God, do you think I’d be like… “oh, hey God – nice to finally talk to you, but I really wanted my grandma, k? Thanks!”) That is how I went on to remember and feel close to my grandmother for a few years – we had the best phone conversations! 🙂

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You see, when I was just 8 years old my grandmother started having trouble walking.  In a few short months she went from cane, to walker, to wheelchair. I watched a woman I loved and looked up to deteriorate right in front of me, and I was too young to truly understand what was going on. We found out she had Lou Gehrig’s Disease (also known as ALS) – a disease that, as of yet, has no cure, no real treatment, and really just took my fabulous grandmother away from me entirely too soon. The night she passed, she waited until about 10 minutes after we went in and said goodbye to her and told her how much we loved her. She couldn’t say anything back, because by then she had lost the ability to speak, and even though all I could hear were the noises from the machines she was hooked up to, I knew she loved me.  I knew she wanted to say it back, too – it’s a moment I will NEVER forget & always carry with me. What I wouldn’t give to have had her around longer, to learn more about her and have her pass more knowledge onto me…70 is just too young to go. Not to mention, she always let me win at card games, and a girl really needs that in her life!

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Because I have seen firsthand what this disease does, I have decided to hold mini sessions where 10% of each session will be donated to the ALS Association, who is working to find a cure! I couldn’t think of a better organization to donate to, because I hold this cause very close to my heart!

The mini sessions will take place at Holliday Park this June, there are only 5 slots open, so please act quickly!

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Please CONTACT ME HERE in order to book! It’s first come first serve!


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