New Year – New Resolutions

I know so many people make resolutions and end up not following them, or there are some that just plain ole don’t believe in making resolutions…but this year, I am determined to make and follow some resolutions….for photography! Here’s what I’m thinking – think I can do it?

1. Read the entire manual to my camera – I got a new camera (Canon 40D – what what!!?), and I have yet to know the ins and outs of it. I know my old camera pretty well, but I know there are SO many things that digital SLR’s are capable of and I feel like I’m only at 50% of it’s potential. Not this year! I will read it front to back and know my camera front to back!

2. Get outside my comfort zone – I feel like this can apply to numerous things in the photography world…I need to get in touch with more photographers and not be afraid that they’ll ignore me or laugh at my work, I need to do things that scare me…like lighting set ups. This year I want to grow by getting outside of my comfort zone!

3. Do at least five (5) stylized shoots – So far I’ve only done 2 stylized shoots (with the help of my sisters) – and I loooved both of them and they each made me feel re-energized. This year, bring on the stylized shoots!

4. Make more money than I spend on camera equipment – last year I spent WAY more than I made – hey, I’m new to the photography world, and my list of wants is never ending! But I really blew my budget and need to keep a tighter rein on it. I don’t need expensive stuff until I can truly afford it…I can still be a good photographer without the latest and greatest!

5. Become smarter about my marketing efforts – This last year I relied fully on word of mouth and my facebook page. While I got more clients than I thought I would, I need to make a bigger push to get by name out there! ABBY HACKER PHOTOGRAPHY IS TAKING THE WORLD BY STORM…2012!

6. Make an actual business plan – I’ve read it a million times…I need to have a business plan in order to be successful. And not just have a plan, stick to it!

Well kids, there is my short list of photography resolutions. Help keep me to it!

To end it – here is a picture I took recently that I happen to love 🙂


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  • Gail

    Can’t wait to see all of the wonderful pics with that new camera….especially once you finish reading the manual and see all of the things you can do with it! 😉 You are already making great strides in your photography.ReplyCancel

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