Newbie’s are people too!

I wrote about this on my Facebook page this week and I decided I wanted to write a blog on it, because it’s really important to me. Here’s what I said “Was just looking at Gary Fong’s page and am disappointed in how so many “pro photographers” are making fun of new photographers. I think they forget that they were new at one point too and instead of making fun of people asking them questions or trying to learn…they should try being nice and actually offer some advice!”

In Gary’s defense, I know that he was saying that he didn’t mean any harm and that there are tons of video’s out there on things that single girls say and all sorts of other things that different types of people say – and he just thought it might be funny to have a video out there on things that newbie photographers say. I get it…I’ve seen these video’s, laughed at these videos, and have even shared these videos. But what baffled me was the amount of “pro photographers” who stepped up to make fun of things that newbie’s ask them or say to them. I mean, seriously…ya’ll should go to his page and read it…last I check there was over 135 comments of people bashing newbies.This really upset me because, well, I AM A NEWBIE!

I get it, believe me I do…newbies can charge entirely too low of prices (that was me), give WAY too much in each session package (that was me) and don’t know that much about the business side of photography (that still is partially me). I also know that there are more photographers than ever, a decent camera is cheaper to buy than ever, and more and more people think they can just jump in feet first and come out winning. But what these “pro’s” are failing to remember is that Newbies are just that! Many of us won’t be around for years to come, those whose images can’t speak for themselves, won’t last – even if they do charge next to nothing (and if they do, you don’t want the kind of clients they have anyways). Those who think that starting a photography business is just an easy way to make money – won’t last.

So, in the mean time while you’re waiting for the herd to thin again, why not help someone who asks you a question…you don’t have to hand over your business plan or tell them your pricing scheme, but you CAN help point them in the right direction or give them a little advice to get them started. I, myself, have watched videos and read blog after blog and book after book, but I am still going to ask the advice of someone who has been in my shoes – because I respect them as an artist and because I look up to them and aspire to be half as good someday, as they are today.  Why not spread a little love (and advice) instead of hate when it comes to newbies?? I’m pretty sure everyone has to start somewhere – just like all the pro’s did.

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  • Gail

    Just now saw this posting. Very well said Abby! That is how everyone improves….by asking those that have gone before them. It is the smart thing to do…to learn as much as you can from others while trying to gain your own knowledge.ReplyCancel

  • Very well said. Experience can sometimes beget condescension in my experience, and it is already intimidating enough asking questions of someone without worrying if they are going to laugh at you or not.ReplyCancel

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