Skyline Club Indianapolis Downtown Wedding // Indianapolis Wedding Photographer

While no wedding goes off perfectly without a hitch, I think it’s truly the way the couple handles the mishaps that are thrown at them on their wedding day. When Betsey put her dress on and the zipper broke (WHY is this so common with zipper dresses?), she handled it with straight up class and calm! It was (thanks to some handy people ie: Sara & Lori) thankfully fixable and Betsy was just all smiles the whole day! This is how their whole wedding day went – easy breezy with no drama! The look on her face after they were announced husband and wife truly said it all!

The day started at the State House and ended at the Skyline Club and was perfection from start to finish! Congratulations! 2015-02-04_00402015-02-04_00412015-02-04_00422015-02-04_00432015-02-04_00442015-02-04_00452015-02-04_00462015-02-04_00472015-02-04_00482015-02-04_00492015-02-04_00502015-02-04_00512015-02-04_00522015-02-04_00532015-02-04_00542015-02-04_00552015-02-04_00562015-02-04_00572015-02-04_00582015-02-04_00592015-02-04_00602015-02-04_00612015-02-04_00622015-02-04_00632015-02-04_00642015-02-04_00652015-02-04_00662015-02-04_00672015-02-04_00682015-02-04_00692015-02-04_00702015-02-04_00712015-02-04_00722015-02-04_00732015-02-04_00742015-02-04_00752015-02-04_00762015-02-04_00772015-02-04_00782015-02-04_00792015-02-04_00802015-02-04_00812015-02-04_00822015-02-04_00832015-02-04_00842015-02-04_0085

While this was a wedding I shot for Sara Ackermann, all photos taken were taken by me! If you’re interested in more information on booking me for your wedding, please contact me here! -Abby


Abby Hacker Photography is an Indianapolis Wedding Photographer for the downtown Indianapolis Area and other Indiana cities.

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