Sneak Peak of Super Bowl Village XLVI

One of the perks of working for a construction company is that sometimes I get to see projects before they’re done! So I thought I’d share with you a little sneak peak of the Super Bowl Village XLVI (46) here in Indianapolis!This is inside “The Huddle” – which is the old Nordstrom downtown

Standing on the Main Stage at Super Bowl Village on Georgia St. (By Conseco)

View of the Main StageOne of the outdoor bars

A Giant TV that rolls up and down. Those things that look like swings are really heaters…I’m not so sure that they’ll really keep anyone warm 🙂

The 360 Kinect Dome. You’ll be able to play with screens in 360 inside of it! (this is by the Main Stage)

The Zipline on Capitol Ave. (in front of the Convention Center)

Close up of the awesome scaffolding to get to the top of the Zipline!

What’s this Turf on the street?? You guessed it! You can play outside in the middle of the street – something that you’re parents probably told you never to do!

That’s all for the sneak peak – if you live in Indy, I definitely suggest going out there and having some fun. All attractions open tomorrow (1/27/12) at 3 PM! If you need more info on where to park or what there is to do, check out this site! -Abby

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  • Abby, I love your Moulin Rouge photo! Your pictures of the village are really cool as well. I can’t believe what they did to our beautiful city—it’s truly amazing! I am wondering if you would like to help promote by simply, blogging, sending emails and tweets. We would give you your very own promo code and url’s to post. You will make 5% commission on every ticket sale! I look forward to hearing form you Abby.


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