The Burning House

I came across this site called The Burning House. It’s all about what you would grab (or at least try to) if your house were on fire. This may be the worst picture I’ve ever taken because I couldn’t get my cats to sit still, but here is my version of what I would try to grab if the house was on fire!

  • My 2 cats (not the treats..I had that’s what I used to try and get them up there!)
  • My camera
  • My Cell Phone
  • My wallet
  • My passport and
  • My laptop

What would you grab if your house were on fire?


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  • Lindsay

    I would probably try to grab my coat, slippers/shoes, purse/phone and camera too! I hope to never be in that situation.ReplyCancel

  • Gail

    Don’t know where I would start. My most prized ‘possessions’ are all in Indy! 😉 I’d probably grab my purse and my hubby and a few albums if there was time. Hopefully we won’t have to ever find out the real answers. (btw, what’s the book in the front of your pick?)ReplyCancel

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