Tote and Shoot Review

I thought it’d be fun to write my first real post as a review on the Tote and Shoot by ShootSac! I’ve tried a few different camera bags and never felt completely satisfied  – I had a normal Canon bag, that one was too small and way too obvious that it was a camera bag (you know – as a photographer, I like to be as anonymous as possible when carrying expensive equipment!), then I got the 6 million dollar home Crumpler bag…that was better – had more room, looked more like a messenger bag than a camera bag and I was pretty happy with it overall.

But then one day I second shot a wedding and the lead photographer was carrying a ShootSac. I was in love…It would be a way to have my lenses with me without having to lug around a heavy bag with a bunch of other stuff I wouldn’t need while on the go at a shoot.  So I did what any girl on a budget would do….I asked for it for Christmas! In the mean time, I was getting ready for a vacation and decided I was going to bring my camera and new lens with me..I also decided I didn’t want to take the Crumpler with…it just didn’t seem ideal for traveling. A few days later I got an email from ShootSac announcing their new bag: The Tote and Shoot! It seemed too good to be true…and if I pre-ordered it, it would get to me about a week before I left for my trip. So I again did what any girl on a budget would do – I said screw the budget, I need that bag!

Once I got the Tote and Shoot, I couldn’t wait to put it to use on my trip! This bag was a dream! The camera is easy to pull out of the front pocket with the bag still on your shoulder – or even under the seat on the airplane (as I did a few times for pictures from the air). The front pocket is expandable so you can keep your camera stored in your bag with the lens on(it even fit in there with my 24-105mm). Very easy to just pull out and shoot. There is a wonderful pouch in the back of the bag that you can either put an ipad in, a magazine, or you can leave it empty and un-zip it and slide the bag over the handle on your carry on. That was my second favorite feature – saved my shoulders a lot of stress!  The inside is roomier than I had expected. You can either use your ShootSac with the Tote and Shoot, or leave the ShootSac out. I decided to leave the ShootSac out, as I was still hoping to get it for Christmas (for those wondering – I DID, in fact, get it for Christmas!). This left me with room for 1 lens, 3 books, extra batteries, extra memory cards, 1 extra camera battery, 1 charger, a lens filter, a few pens, my passport and wallet, my make-up case and liquids bag, and hair brush! I could have fit more it, but I didn’t want to over-do my Tote and Shoot’s first trip with me!  There are pockets in all the right places on the inside and out, it really helps to keep things where you want them, so it’s not just a giant bag with everything shoved in it.

The one and ONLY thing I would change isn’t actually about the Tote and Shoot – it’s about what it was delivered in. It came in a beautifully designed box, but the outside of it said “Carrying a fancy camera just got a whole lot easier” While this is completely true, I don’t want the FedEx guy to know I have a fancy camera…or the garbage man for that matter. Keep in mind – this is coming from a girl who was raised on 20/20 and is overly cautious, so I’m sure that didn’t bother too many other people!

Overall, I love the Tote and Shoot and cannot say enough good things about it – it is well made, can hold a lot, makes using your camera while on an adventure easy, and has really comfortable shoulder straps. It comes in 3 colors (red, gray and black) and is completely worth the money ($229.00)! You can buy the Tote and Shoot here


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  • Great camera bag. I do not like camera bags that look like camera bags, if you understand. I use bag all the time and have been looking for a bag that can combine my photography hobby and contain everything else you have in your bag. i got to get this bag:)ReplyCancel

  • Congrats on your blog! Great first post!!!!! I just bought a Shootsac also! I can’t wait to try it out on a shoot! Stop by and visit my blog if you want. I’m kinda new also. http://etterscreationsphotography.blogspotReplyCancel

  • Thanks! You should definitely look into this bag – it’s really wonderful 🙂 I’ll check out your blog right now, Connie!ReplyCancel

  • Renee

    Hi there, thanks for the review! What do you think about the lack of a cross-body strap? Doesn’t having all the weight on one shoulder, or not having your hands free bother you?ReplyCancel

  • Christina

    Oh my goodness Abby! I’m so happy you did this review! I have been watching reviews of bags for months and narrowed my choices to Kelly Moore, Epiphanie and Shootsac. I think I’m going to be crazy and purchase both the tote and shoot and the shootsac.ReplyCancel

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