What’s that rubber square thing on my camera strap?

Have you ever paid attention to the camera strap that came with your camera?  I never really did, just used it to hang my camera off my neck or my shoulder. Well, as one of my new year’s resolutions I said I was going to read the manual for my camera front to back…and I’m making my way through it (Yay me!) and I came across this page about the rubber square thing on the strap.

Are you ready to have your mind blown? Because I’m about to do just that! That little rubber square thing is for when you aren’t holding your camera up to your eye to take a picture. Did you know that if your eye isn’t up to the viewfinder that it can mess up the exposure due to the light that comes through where your eye is supposed to be protecting it from doing such a thing? So how does it work, you ask?? You simply hold the square little rubber thing up to the viewfinder and snap away!

And that, my friends – is how your get what you were exposing for when looking

through the viewfinder setting your exposure, even when your face isn’t up to the back of your camera! I suppose you could also try to figure out how much to compensate with out using the little rubber thing, but why do that with such a handy tool just waiting to be used!

How many times did I say “little rubber thing” in this post? As much as I could (5 times in 3 paragraphs and a title…I’m pretty sure I just like saying it!)

-Abby Hacker

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