Yeah Field Trip // A Photography Workshop Experience!

About a month ago I attended a photography workshop in Santa Barbara, California at El Capitan Canyon. I decided about 6 days before I was set to leave, which may not have seemed ideal to a lot of people, but it worked out great for me! 😀

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this workshop – I had 2 friends (hey Krista and Allison!) who have attended it for the last 3 years and swore by it’s awesomeness, but I was still hesitant. The only real way to find out was to attend it! I was feeling a little uninspired by photography at the time. I felt stuck in a rut and needed something to get me out of it. Plus…Indiana Winter…need I say more? So I got out of Indy and headed straight into warm weathers, fun activities and amazing creative adventures!



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