Zip lining at the Super Bowl

Another reason I love where I work is because I get to do fun things….like….skip out on work a few hours early to go play in a Super Bowl Biz Scavenger hunt! There were around 30 teams participating in the Scavenger Hunt around Super Bowl Village and my team placed 2nd! We won a zip line ticket, $10 to spend on food and beverage (which equals about 1 beer), a Super Bowl Shirt, and a whole lot of fun!  Here is a little bit of our experience:

Because we won, we got to go into the Ice Guru’s tent and get picture’s. We also got to stand there while they carved the football trophy out of the ice sculpture (see below)

Carving the football trophy right out of the ice sculpture! …Then it was time to Zipline!This is a picture I took while waiting for the zipline – we only had to wait around an hour and 20 minutes as opposed to the 5 hour wait time I’ve heard other people had.

A view from the scaffold while we were climbing our way to the top.

This is a view of the scaffold from the top!

Me…rockin out the gear!

Pretty obvious, but here’s the top of the ziplin…where people jump off the platform! …The Zipline has 4 lines and is 80-90 feet tall. The actual lines are 650 feet long. It’s self braking so you can flip upside down or just hang there. SUPER FUN!

Last but not least…I met the Miller High Life guy! Loved him, he is so nice!!

Well – I hope you all enjoyed my little scavenger hunt/zip lining excursion!…Until next time! – Abby

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